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Industry expertise: We feel at home in many industries, including Engineering, MedTech and Software.

More than 20 years of professional experience from DAX Group Companies to Mittelstand to Private equity.


Execution-oriented corporate development

M&A Advisory

From the discreet approach of a buyer/seller to SPA negotiations ...

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M&A Advisory

Acquiring or selling a company is a complex challenge for everyone involved. The skills and experience of the transaction partners are crucial for the success of such an M&A project.

The project must be planned solidly in advance. Potential buyers or sellers must be identified. A trusting and discreet approach is extremely important. Each transaction is unique and requires a high degree of flexibility on the part of your advisors, i.e. to be able to adapt to changing needs of the participants and the most varied of situations.

We support you professionally and discreetly in every stage of this sensitive transaction process thanks to our many years of experience.

In addition to supporting the transaction process, we support you with our many years of experience in the field of project management, especially in the operational implementation of share and asset deals (buy and sell side) as well as complex carve-out projects in Germany and abroad.


A manufacturing company needs help with the acquisition and integration of a niche provider and integration into the existing company group structure. This complex process takes place in two steps: Acquisition of the special product provider and then a carve-out of part of the newly acquired business and the acquisition of the assets and their integration (including realization of the growth and savings potential) into the business of a subsidiary of our customer.

This requires a carefully prepared plan that includes all steps of the carve-out and the asset deal - this is the only way to guarantee a smooth acquisition and transition to current business.

An overview of our services:

  • Project management of the target company acquisitions (share and asset deals)
  • Implementation of complex international carve-outs
  • Support in realizing growth and savings potential as part of a transaction
  • Support in the search for suitable investors, successors and transaction partners
  • Creation of sales information memoranda
  • Indicative company valuations and determination of synergy potential
  • Negotiation support

Value Creation

100 days program and medium-term finance / operations optimization…

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Value Creation

We support you with our many years of experience on the buy- and sell-side as part of pre-deal and post-deal value creation.

You are planning to sell a company - good preparation is essential here. We accompany you on the way to EXIT readiness by designing and, above all, implementing the appropriate measures in advance to the planned divestment - so you can achieve an optimal sales price.

You have acquired a company or plan to do so. We support you in the preparation and implementation of the 100 day plan as well as in the medium / long-term value creation plan.

The measures focus on:

  • Strategic realignment
  • Operational efficiency increase
  • Financial optimization measures

Strategic realignment

This includes, for example, the analysis of the business areas. By focusing on the core business areas and optimizing the earnings situation, considerable potential for increasing value can be leveraged. However, this does not only mean “divestment”, it can equally include the acquisition of further companies or parts of companies or individual assets (carve-outs).

Operational efficiency increase

A comprehensive growth and efficiency improvement measure plan has great potential for increasing the company's value. These can be measures to optimize processes and increase efficiency along the entire value chain, from sales to production and logistics, but also in supporting functions such as HR and finance.

Financial optimization measures

Whether redesigning the financing, optimizing the capital allocation in the investment process or simply optimizing it working capital - there are a variety of ways to support the increase in value of the company by optimizing the finances.
Our strength lies above all in the implementation orientation - we roll up our sleeves and tackle things. We support you as an experienced consultant or advisory board in decision making, professional communication within the project and against all stakeholders and the implementation of the project.

Our strength lies above all in the implementation orientation - we roll up our sleeves and tackle things. We support you as an experienced consultant or advisory board in decision making, professional communication within the project and against all stakeholders and the implementation of the project.

Performance Improvement

Quick check, liquidy planning as well as operational and financial optimization ...

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Performance Improvement

A company is only as good as its potential - and it has to be used optimally – meaning its resources have to be allocated in the best and most efficient manner. We support you in the creation and implementation of an action plan to optimize the company performance. This means that we work out the theoretical action plan with you, including the company-specific levers. Afterwards "we roll up our sleeves" and actively support you in the implementation of the individual measures. Your experience with regard to the company and the people who work for you, coupled with our implementation strength, leads to a sustainable increase in the operating result of your company.

An overview of our services:

  • Creation of an action plan for mid-/long-term performance improvement
  • Project management from conception to successful implementation
  • Active support in the implementation of the catalog of measures
  • Temporary management functions
    Communication (conception, strategy, implementation)

As consultants or as interim management, we make a significant contribution to the company concerned and its shareholders:

  • Create transparency regarding the status quo
  • Identify optimization potential
  • sustainably reduce costs and increase revenues
  • Identify and eliminate operational loss bearers
  • Eliminate liquidity bottlenecks if necessary
  • Regain trust among equity and debt providers
  • Create documents such as business plans, reports, etc.
  • support the successful implementation

We know the challenges of entrepreneurs and investors. We think and act like entrepreneurs.

Max Advisory Co-Invest
Max Advisory Co-Invest



You are actively looking for a co-investor or are thinking about a long-term commitment to our consultancy services in your company. We are always open to discuss investment opportunities, whether as a minority or majority shareholder. This strengthens yours and our common interests and our long-term commitment as a senior advisor or member of the advisory board.

We look forward to your contact and the non-binding exchange.


Successful projects

#3 selected examples
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Market research

Company size
Turnover 350m€, employees 1,000

As part of the value creation program of a renowned private equity company, four business units with 1,000 employees in 24 countries were spun off from the portfolio company and sold to a strategic investor as part of an asset deal. The focus of the activity was the management of all work streams and communication with the stakeholders and especially the buyer.

"The transaction was initiated within a demanding timeframe and implemented to the complete satisfaction of our stakeholders"


Company size
Turnover 300m€, employees 600

A restructuring program was developed and implemented as part of the restructuring of the financing and thus the ownership structure. The focus of the activity was to implement the digital strategy, the realignment of sales and the reduction of cost structures in all company areas in a very short time together with the CRO.


Company size
Turnover 250m€, employees 300

As part of the sale of this group of companies from a DAX group to a large US group, we accompanied the structuring of the deal, the preparatory measures, due diligence and implementation on the sellside.

We are happy to provide you with further details and projects on request.

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About us

Christoph Max studied business administration at the Justus-Liebig University in Gießen and at the University of Gothenburg.

After completing his studies, he worked for 5 years at a Big4 accounting firm in Frankfurt am Main. He then switched to an OEM in the Bavarian region in the automotive sector. After another five years, Mr. Max switched to finance and portfolio controlling at a renowned private equity firm in Munich.

Before founding MAX Advisory GmbH, Mr. Max worked for 5 years at a well-known management consultancy in the area of ​ transaction services & restructuring.

In the course of his work, Mr. Max got to know a large number of large corporations and medium-sized companies and their business models, identified corresponding value drivers and accompanied the implementation of appropriate action plans.

In 2016, Mr. Max successfully passed the German CPA.

In order to be able to offer the client a comprehensive range of advice, Mr. Max maintains a tried and tested, very experienced and strong network of business consultants, lawyers, accountants, M&A advisors, entrepreneurs and advisory board members from German and European medium-sized companies, family offices and private equity firms.